Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Gaurdians of the Galaxy (2014)

 I watched this a while ago, fully intending to review it in good time.  Life, however, had some other plans for me, but here is the long awaited review now.  In short, I liked it, but the "greatest sci-fi movie since STAR WARS"?  I wouldn't call it that.  Heck, I wouldn't even call it the best superhero movie of 2014- that I'd reserve for X-Men: Days of Future Passed.  It all comes down to personal enjoyment I suppose, but at least the X-Men didn't start off with the dreadful 10CC song "Boys Don't Cry". 

It is a fun movie, and for a change just about the right length of time.  I usually don't say this, as most movies these days seem so padded as to fill out a two hour plus running time.  Guess they figure the public won't complain.

As per the other Marvel movies these days, there's a lot to see in the background, and at least A Yondu makes an appearance.  I knew nothing of these Guardians, except that Star-lord made his appearance in a b/w Marvel zine, notable for the first teaming of the X-men team supreme of Byrne, Chris Claremont and Terry Austin.  I'd never read any of these comics, either.

I am rather well acquainted with Ronan the Accuser, Thanos and the Collector, and at least two of them looked like their comic book counterparts. That was fun.  I hadn't realized that The Collector was also in the second Thor movie. 

Anyway, it's a fun movie, and easily one of the better superhero movies.  I'll go see the sequel, but I miss the original gang.

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