Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Golden Key Digest #31- Turok, Son of Stone

I got this in the summer of 1973.  Oddly enough, I don't remember buying it, so I'm guessing someone gave it to me at some point, knowing my love of comics and dinosaurs.  All I know is that I read it many many times, cover to cover.  I had no idea it was the first six or so stories from the Turok comic book.  I had already purchased more than one Turok comic, so I knew of the character, and enjoyed the book.  I loved the covers, and was always disappointed that the interiors never looked quite as good.  I don't fault Rex Maxon for it, since now I quite enjoy it, but back then, I wanted "Marvel' style art.  Yes, even at age 8 I was starting on being a comic book art critic.

But these first several stories were a lot of fun, and since there were six of them, plus two "Indian Chief" stories plus one more, there was a lot in the reprint.  It was great to see how Turok and Andar found the Lost Valley full of honkers  I always wondered why they never found a way out, and just how many dinosaurs, mammals, cave people, mutant animals and plants existed in this place.  Obviously, they went through a space warp into some other dimension, though they did find their way back at least once.

It's odd that I never played at being Turok.  It seems like such a natural thing, and I never even thought of it.  I had plenty of plastic dinosaurs and my brother had a few toy sons of stone that could have stood in for our heroes.

At some point I will be getting the Dark Horse collection- at least the first edition.  I still own this digest, but dang, I'm afraid to look at it.  It's pretty worn.

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