Wednesday, February 18, 2015

the end of Young Justice... season 1

At the end of the first season of Young Justice, "The Light" has tried to use Starro "tech" to take over the Justice League.  It would have worked if it hadn't been for those meddling teen titans.  They free the League, reveal most of their deepest secrets to each other (no real surprises to anyone paying attention, you don't even need to read the comics) and find out Red Arrow is really a Cadmus clone.  The one mystery is where were six Leaguers for 18 hours.  Those six pictured look pretty familiar, don't they?  This wins the adults respect as well.    So the adventures will start anew next season, right? 

Well, sort of.  The second season starts 5 years after the first season.  It'll be interesting to see where they take the team now.

I quite enjoyed this first season, though I am not sure I will want to get the DVDs of it.  It's got mostly the right balance of humor and grim in the stories, something desperately needed these days.  It was fun to see new additions, including Zatanna, show up, and from what I'm guessing there will be even more in the next season.  The acting is quite good, even though I still miss the voice actors from "MY" Justice League, I don't mind these guys either.  Still, it would be fun to hear a familiar voice come out of a familiar mouth, I must say.  Maybe had they kept Clancy Brown for Lex.

I'm glad one can see these shows now before spending money on home video.  I hear there are places where you can read books before buying them now as well!

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