Sunday, March 1, 2015

Cyborg 009

In 1975 or 76 my grade school got two volumes of the Encyclopedia of Comics. It contained information about comics from all over the world. Naturally this interested me greatly. There were so many great things I wanted to read and find out more about from all over the world, but the Japanese stuff really got me, and Cyborg 009 was chief among them.

I knew I'd probably never get to read the comic book, and I didn't even register the name Shotaro Ishinomori. All I knew was that there were nine super heroes and they were bionic (long before the original Steve Austin, the Six Million Dollar Man showed up). There was nothing in the short blurb about their powers or anything, so I let my imagination run wild. Who knew years later this would show up?

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Christopher Sobieniak said...

Reminded Ardith Carlton talked about her early days finding out this stuff which included that very same book and her remembering what they called 'Ashita no Joe" in that....