Monday, March 2, 2015

Gigantor vs Magnaman

Been watching my first volume of Gigantor DVD set recently.  Can't remember the last time I did that, and I've been feeling black and white cartoony recently, so this fits the bill.  Gigantor is one of the first Japanese cartoons I ever watched, and I have a vague memory of him and a bunch of other robots standing in line marching, but I've yet to figure out which episode that was.  I was only about four years old, so I think I can be forgiven for having a faulty memory.  It sure did leave an impression, if I still remember it.  I didn't seen Gigantor in action for about twenty-two years, I think, when I came across a VHS tape of the episode "Will The Real Gigantor Stand Up?" which I bought for a whole two dollars.

It was great to see my old friend in action.  I didn't know anything about the series, other than what I had mentioned.  I knew it was of Japanese origin by then, but nothing else
 Later on in the 90s there were two or three VHS tapes officially released, with three episodes on each one.  They looked pretty good, but were pricey at $20 a pop.  Three episodes always seemed like a ripoff to me when a tape could hold at least four.  It wasn't until about ten years later the complete series was released on two DVD sets  They were a bit pricey as well, maybe $45 each, but you did get the entire series and it took about about the same room as four VHS tapes.
By then there was a lot of information out about the show, what it was called originally and how long it had ran, why only 52 episodes were dubbed and all that fun stuff.  This is from a fansubbed episode, the US title being the "Space Cats".  Well, now it is.  Back then Gigantor took on the Space Pussies.  It's a great show.

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Everett said...

It's really nice to know that classic toons like Gigantor are still around. I really enjoy Gigantor in my youth. I plan to buy Gigantor DVDs, soon.