Monday, April 13, 2015

Kamen Rider Skull

A good catchphrase makes characters a lot more memorable, especially if it's something easy to say.  The Kamen Riders (and a lot of Japanese superheroes) have always had a way with such things.  I think I've used this picture before, it's Kamen Rider Skull from the show Kamen Rider Double.  I haven't seen the entire series, just the first 13 or so episodes, but I like it quite a bit.  Nice detective story to go along with the various heroics.  I probably should watch it all in order again at some point.

Skull uses the catchphrase, something transliterated to "Now, count up your crimes!" or "Count up your sins!" depending on how you look at it.  I like the crimes one better, but that's just me.  I've said it occasionally at the start of a derby bout, but it's my little in joke since none of the players have any idea why I'm saying, other than they may be headed to the penalty box as a "crime".

It's just fun to say obscure catchphrases, even if I like to say "Bazinga" on occasion as well.

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ZoneFighter1 said...

That's the Kamen Rider? I haven't seen a tokusatsu in years. Should get back into them. I still have of Inazuman and Super Robat Redbaron ligit DVDs to watch.