Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Yusei Shonen Popi

Or Papi, as the subs in this episode one call him.  Anyway, I've been watching more Prince Planet and I remembered I had this first episode subtitled from some nice people somewhere.  I hadn't watched all of it yet, but since I'm working on an episode guide I thought I should.  The quality of both subs and video is quite good, which makes me wish this would come out on DVD like Marine Boy has, even if it's not an official set like Astro Boy, Gigantor or Kimba The White Lion have had.  It's really a good show.  I like all those others, but perhaps I like the rarer shows more, since you don't see nearly as much written about them, even now with the internet.

Anyway, the first episode of Popi differs quite a bit on tone with Prince Planet.  The basic plot is the same, seeing if Earthlings were worthy of, well, anything, but what happens to Popi is a bit different than what happens to Bobby on the way to Earth.

Usually I'm  quite content to just watch these shows dubbed, since that's the way I saw them growing up.  I know when a character actually dies in the show, despite the dubbing trying to cover it up (I'm looking at you, Kimba).  This show, along with 8th Man  was dubbed by AIP's "second string" team (I think from Florida) and they didn't quite gloss over the way some of the enemies met their demise.  Nor did Marine Boy, come to think of it.

I'd buy a set of Prince Planet subtitled.

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