Sunday, June 28, 2015

Iron Man 3 wrap up

So we last left our hero down and out, the Mandarin and AIM in charge, about to kill the president of the good ol' USA.  Aparently they've elected a new guy since the events in CA2 was revealed to be part of Hydra.  Hmm, wonder if Hydra and AIM would work together.  I don't think so.

Anyway, Tony rebuilds a suit, teams up War Machine (or Iron Patriot, ugh) after Rhodey gets the suit back and defeats the villain.  It's all done pretty well, or at least I enjoyed it enough.  It was nice to see Iron Man NOT fighting more Iron Men.
Turns out the Mandarin was just an actor, played by Ben Kinglsey channeling Ringo Starr.  I know I'm not the only one who thought that, right?  Of course, it's never explained why he was called the Mandarin at all, so choosing that simply because he's one of Shellhead's main villains is a bit dumb.
Tony destroys all the suits, then has the shrapnel removed from his heart.  I'm not sure if he still has to have his power source in, since they were vague on that at the end of the movie.  Still, he had an artificial heart in place by the mid-70s in the comics, so that wasn't a surprise.
And what is the deal with movie titles at the end of movies now?  Really, that sucks.  I still haven't seen the Avengers yet, so I'll be interested to see how Tony gets back in the suit.  Overall, not bad. 

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