Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Marine Boy book conundrum

I worked on this book for over ten years, watching episodes, writing and re-writing the various parts to it and even securing interviews with two of the actors.  It was a true labor of love in every sense of those words.  I had thought it was complete right up until press time and then... Warners Home Video released the entire series on three sets of DVDs,  These are great sets as I've reviewed them elsewhere and am so happy to see them on legit DVD as one can only believe a fan would be.  However...

When I finished the book there were only 77 episodes to be reviewed.  We never knew what the 78th episode would be, or if it even existed.  The late Peter Fernandez had assured me it did, since doing 77 episodes was not something that would have happened back then.  Still, I had no way of knowing that in a year the entire run would be available to all of us, so I proceeded with the book plans anyway.

Now I am already doing a revision of the book so as to have the not "missing" any more episode in there.  As I have gone over it I've done some other slight editing, correcting some grammatical errors and have talked about having a foreword written for it.  The question comes to me is what do I do? Do I quit selling the original version?  That might make it a collector's item sometime in the far future.  Or do I sell both versions?  I kind of feel bad about the people that had purchased the now not complete version, which has been out for almost two years.

Any guidance about this would be appreciated.

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