Sunday, June 21, 2015

Shazzan DVD set

I am slowly but surely replacing all my Hanna-Barbera bootleg cartoons with the legit sets they sell through the WB archive.  I've got the Herculoids and now the Shazzan DVDs.  Both look great, as I have noted before.  I've read some complaints about the way the cartoons are preserved here and there, but I can't see anything wrong with these, considering they are almost 50 years old and HD was something that was never even a dream back then, much less having them for sale for home viewing.  I think they are amazing and am really happy to be able to ditch my other, less than perfect copies, as happy as I was to get them back then.

I do have some thoughts on this show, which I think will be expounded upon in a future issue of Xenorama, but the chief of these (aside from the fact that you are meant to only watch two episodes a week and then miss some on occasion) is that I don't think Shazzan is a mere genie.  There are too many times the villains think they can easily vanquish a genie and then guess what? Spoilers: they can't.  That tells me he's way more powerful than the standard genies they've dealt with in the past.

Anyway, it's a lot of fun and the designs are great as well.  Good ol' Alex Toth, just couldn't go wrong.

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