Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Ultra Call

Tomorrow I am talking to the rep for Viz Comics about my Ultraman panel at Comic Con (did I mention I was doing this yet?).  I'm excited but I also know I have some more homework to do, since most of my Heisei Ultra knowledge is limited to Ultraman Cosmos and Ultraman Mebius, English speaking Ultras notwithstanding.  I'm really excited and can hardly believe I am headed back to San Diego in less than two weeks now.  Maybe I miss it just a little bit.


Anyway, I think I've come up with some good questions for the audience, not all of which are about Ultraman.  Some are pretty basic, and some are a bit more arcane.  Gotta see who really knows their Ultra trivia.  I do wish I had seen some of the newer ones.  I have some Tiga on the HD, so perhaps I will watch a few episodes.  Probably not a bad idea.

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