Monday, July 27, 2015

Media-Con 2015

This post is about the 1.5 days I spent at the 2015 Con in general, not the panel I did.  That's being saved for a later post.

I got to the Con about 9 AM, which was an hour early, so I had breakfast at the Marriot.  It was good, and all the hotel people were decked out in superhero shirts.  I managed to suppress the urge to ask them if they knew anything about their shirts, since to them I'm sure it was just a wonderful chance to get out of their usual hotel outfits and wear some t-shirts.

Once I got into the Con and met all the people for the panel, I had about four hours to fill before said panel began.  Naturally I walked the dealers room (do they even call something the size of a small village that now?) and looked at all the stuff that had nothing to do with comic books at all.  Yes, it's still my issue and I'm still dealing with it.

It took me an HOUR to find the comic book section.  Once there though, I remembered why I loved them.  I talked to people about their own comics, picked up a lot of neato items which I have yet to read and had a pretty good time.  As is usual now, the tiny comic book part of the con was not crowded, as opposed to a few other places.

I went for half a day on Saturday, but that was mostly to see and hang out with some friends that I hadn't seen for a couple years.  All in all, it was fun, though I was exhausted from the early flight and a couple of tasty beverages. 

I still miss the San Diego Comic Con though.

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