Thursday, July 9, 2015

T Minus 2 Ultra monsters

One of the coolest things about Ultraman and his various brothers and cousins is the wide amount of monsters and aliens they showcase and fight.  It's amazing the amount of variety that these artists can come up with after 50 years.

Sure, some have been sillier than others (I'm looking at you, Taro) but there is an amazing amount of great monster designs out there in the entire series.  It can't be easy coming up with variations on different monsters, but they've done it time and again.
Though at least one is pretty recognizable, frill and paint job or not.  Still, you make do with what you have and it's as close to Godzilla vs Ultraman as we'll ever get.
I like a good mix of monsters and aliens for the Ultras to fight.  Not too much of one or the other works well.

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