Tuesday, July 7, 2015

T Minus 4- Eiji Tsuburaya day

I think August said his real birthday is July 10th, and it's only fitting that I'll be hosting the Ultraman panel at Comic-con that day.  It would be his 114th year on this planet, and it's really nice and still surprising at all the love he got today.  I mean, even Google had the game to play online, which was amazing to me.  Ten years ago I would never have thought this was possible at all, and here we are, celebrating a true master's life.

This is August's book, available here on Amazon in it's second printing, and I now have both versions.  I told him there are only two things wrong with it- one, it's too short (I'm hoping for an expanded two set version, one with the years up to the 1959, and then the last ten years, that would be great) and two, I didn't get to contribute anything.  It's too late to change that for the book, but at least now I am helping Eiji's memory live on in my own small way.

So happy 114th birthday week, "Smoke".  Thank you for everything!

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