Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Spider's Web

1. Night of Terror

a series of accidents is plaguing the transportation industry. the Octopus
calls and tells the heads of industry what he will hit and they are powerless to stop him.

at the Octopus' (garden in the sea?) Den he gives his men orders. he also brings a Mr. Roberts in, and plans to take over his company. he wants to control the nerve centers of the country so he can take over the country. then he kills Mr. Roberts, dead. then he plans on having Mr. Richard Wentworth join Mr. Roberts.

Richard and Nita are out flying. Richard claims since they are getting married there is no more Spider. she doesn't quite believe him. he calls his man Jackson at Wentworth Airfield, but Jackson is attacked by the Octo's men. Ram Singh shows up to help Jackson.

the henchlings string wire across the runway, and it strips the plane of it's undercarriage. they bail out and then when Dick lands a gunbattle ensues. good thing the Spider has his guns!

Commissioner Kirk calls Dick to tell him everything i just typed out. Nita and Ram Singh are headed for the bridge the Octo has threatened to blow up. Dick heads out to stop them as well as the police. he's just in time. good thing he has that souped up roadster. Nita complains that it's a fine way to start their honeymoon!

Dick drops Nita off at the hospital. Octo has some words for his failing underling. Dick then visits Kirk, and the gangsters have been killed. Kirk then rails against the Spider, a "murderer who kills murderers". Dick says he's got the Spider all wrong, but Kirk isn't having any of that!

Dick gets kidnapped along with Ram Singh and brought to the Octo's Den until further orders. of course, Dick clobbers 'em and they run off. Dick recognizes the place as an old hangout he's been to before in his "Blinky McQuade" persona. then he turns into Blinky, notorious safecracker.

Blinky gets the info and returns to Ram Singh. the Spider makes his first appearance, and the police are following the speeding duo as they head toward the bus terminal to stop the explosion. Ram Singh fires guns into the air to scare the people, and the Spider tells them to get out! another gunfight ensues.

the Spider gets into a bus and it explodes!

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