Saturday, July 25, 2015

Ultra Seven #2 The Green Terror

Just started watching this show again, since I haven't ever seen it subtitled.  This second episode is well named, dealing with an invasion from space by plant-like aliens.  I saw it under the dubbed version called "Shrubs from Space" and I don't actually remember that much about it.

This is really the only way as the Hawai'ian dub is sub par and the second US dub is mainly played for laughs.  Here the terror is pretty intense, since the aliens drink human blood and turn them into plant monsters themselves.
Looks like Dan has a wrist phone.  Still cooler than anything Apple has put out!  The subs on this set are pretty good, I think, what with my limited knowledge of Japanese.  They are timed pretty well.
The video quality could be a bit better, as this was the best grab I could get from that particular shot.  That's Anne doing the shooting of the alien shrub there, crack shot, she is!
The invader grows giant at the end of the episode, culminating with a short fight.  It does have some offensive weapons that give Seven pause, but it's no match for the Eye Slugger or the Emelium beam. 

I'm looking forward to the rest of the series now.

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