Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Avengers #57- Behold... the Vision!

Behold... the Vision!

Yeah, I'm skipping ahead a bit to get to this story.  Probably should have done it when the Avengers vs Ultron movie was in the theater, but alas, I seemed to have missed that one.  I'll review it soon enough, I reckon.  I'm glad that the Vision is in the movie, though he actually made a cameo in the first Captain America movie.  That is, if they are allowed to keep at least that much of his origin.  I know someone else actually owns the rights to the H*m*n T*rch (and look what they just did to him) so perhaps my wish is a little too much to ask at this point.  Guess I'll find out later.

I know this story by heart, since the Vision was my favorite superhero as a kid.  It was reprinted in the tabloid sized Marvel Treasury #7 which I had to special order to get.  Yeah, I wanted it that bad, and I'm not kidding.  When I finally got it I read it so many times I'm surprised it didn't fall apart.  I had already knew much of the Vision's story (thanks to a Foom issue dedicated to him, but was so happy to actually get to read it.

Long story short, Ultron 5 creates the Vision and sends him out to destroy the Avengers.  He blacks out, tells the Avengers and decides to join them in the hunt for Ultron.  This was all a trick of the killer robot's, but the Vision really is a good guy and saves the day.  He is then inducted into the Avengers and we do find out an android can cry.

Roy Thomas set so much in motion here it's not funny.  He even had the cover artists pay homage to the original Vision, Aarkus, who used smoke and mist as his gateway around our world in the 40s.  I don't know if the two Visions have ever met, though.

We find out a bit more about the Vision and Ultron in the next issue, though it will be a few more years, along with many dropped clues, before we actually find out the true origin of the Vision.

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