Monday, August 17, 2015

Devil Dinosaur

I hear Devil Dinosaur is getting a new book in the near future.  I hope it's as fun as the original, and doesn't worry much about the "realism" that tends to ruin most comics these days. The art looks pretty good, though since the new "moon-girl" can't wear armor or have an utility belt her backpack has to look ridiculous.  It's as big as she is!  That aside, I may give the book a chance.  I mean, it's got a dinosaur as the lead, there aren't many comics that can say that.  And really, what more could anyone possibly need?

I know, a good story and good dialog.  Jack Kirby was a master story teller, but his dialog was quite unique to say the least.  Still, no one had imagination quite like him.  Devil may have only lasted nine issues and wasn't revived like Machine Man, but those are some fun stories.  They have been collected in a book which I think I will pick up.

Of course, I loved his guest starring role in those two issues of Marvel's Godzilla series as well, since they got to fight side by side, and it was neat to see that.  I'll be interested to see if they explain Devil's high intelligence by him being a mutant.  You know that has to be coming.

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