Friday, August 28, 2015

GekiRanger Opening

Since I saw a clip of DaiRanger where one of them used some drunken style kung fu I began thinking of GekiRanger and how much I loved that show. Guess what I'm watching now? And danged if it doesn't hold up quite well. It's hard to believe it has been almost ten years since it aired. So this is the opening of the show, though it comes from later in the series, since it started out with only three Gekis, and there's five in this opening.

There's a lot of martial arts philosophy in this one, and even more kung fu styles, which I love. Lots of use of wires, but in a superhero setting that's far more acceptable. There's plenty of actual hand to hand combat, aside from the VFX here and there. So far, ten episodes in, there's only one robot, and there's been a couple episodes where it doesn't even show up at all.

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