Friday, August 21, 2015

gimme gimme Shock Treatment (1981)

I heard music from this pseudo-sequel to Rocky Horror in about 1981, on the Dr. Demento show (where all great music could be heard).  This is a repost from Facebook, since I couldn't find it here on this blog, but perhaps it has been here, I don't rightly recall)

the good Dr didn't talk too much about the plot of the movie, and as it was presented as a sequel (it does star Brad (a**h*l*) Majors and Janet (sl*t) Weiss) but as such it would sure disappoint fans of Rocky.  however, it's got great music, some would say even better than Rocky.  singing about Denton, Texas, how unusual! (I'm not sure it's actually set in the town of Denton, TX (home of the von Erichs) but that it's just a generic town, USA for the sake of the movie.  I'd have to watch it again, eh?)
the television satire is rather more pointed today than it was in 1981.  sure predicted some trends!

interesting, Rik Mayall is in this movie!  and nice to see Charles Gray as well.  it's worth a look, that's for sure.  (this was originally written several years before Rik passed on' and he was far too young.)

who's idiot idea is it to remake Rocky now?  This idiot idea seems to have fallen through the cracks, so that's a good thing.

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