Sunday, August 16, 2015

Prince Planet vs "Dinosaurs"

Since the next issue of Xenorama is featuring a Prince Planet episode guide I'm watching the episodes again to review them.  I haven't seen the entire run yet, but it's kind of a violent show.  Granted, it's of it's time period and I keep that in mind, but really, if it was starting to rain dinosaurs out of the sky (as it does in this here episode) you would think someone from an advanced society like Bobby would want to keep a few of them alive.  But no, it's just all in a days work for our hero to beat the crap out of them and save the town.  Of course, I've never seen dinosaurs like this anywhere outside of television shows, but still...

The excessive violence is one of the main charges leveled against these old shows.  I don't think it's anywhere near as bad as those critics think, since it at least presents it in a more realistic way than newer cartoons.
In the episode after this one Aji Baba and Dan Dynamo gleefully watch the deaths of the bad guys from a trap they sprung on said villains.  It had to have killed every one of those people.  Perhaps on this Earth they didn't have families.
We also get to see how strong the Prince is, since he can easily lift this deadly dinosaur off the ground.  Thankfully the old "pendant running out of energy" schtick is gone for a while now, and these later episodes feature more superheroics.
Looks like on Earth-P dinosaurs could breathe fire.  I'm all for the appearance of giant reptiles in TV shows and movies, as long as they aren't just enlarged lizards pretending to be dinosaurs.  This was also a test to see how these captures would look.  Not too bad, all things considered.

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