Thursday, September 24, 2015

Get the Led Out - Stairway to Heaven

I used to go to Red Rocks at least once or twice every summer in the 80s. It's a great venue and my first experience there was when U2 recorded the live performance for MTV back in '83. However, it's probably been 35 years since I've been there, due to a wide variety of circumstances. Tonight I'll return to see this Led Zeppelin tribute band, which should be a lot of fun.

This performance is from almost exactly a year ago, which is pretty cool, though part of me keeps waiting for someone to say "Stairway... denied!". I doubt it will happen. Looks to be a great evening, weather wise, which is always a plus, since I've been there many times in a complete downpour. It's funny now, because recording devices were forbidden the last time I was there and now everyone can record anything with their phones. I wonder if "no smoking" includes more than tobacco now.

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Thought of this!