Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Super Scary October!

In years past I used to post a trailer to a monster movie a day during the Hallowe'en month of October.  The last couple years I've gotten out of the habit of doing that fun tradition, so now it's time for it to have a comeback.  My plan is to do one a day this month, and that may mean some that have been posted here years ago, but a lot of those have been taken down for a wide variety of reasons so we'll just pretend these are all new and all different this time!  Hopefully, some of those trailers will be.  I'll try to check for them to make sure, but mostly I'll be posting my favorite genre movies.

I'm almost sure all of these will be in English, simply because that's the way I saw them.  There won't be many past oh, say, 1980, simply because I don't care for gore movies for the most part and haven't seen that many of them.  Psycho is a lot scarier to me than any Friday the 13th movie.  But who knows?  There may be a surprise or two this month anyway.

So buckle up, it's sure to be super scary!

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