Friday, September 11, 2015

The Flesh Eaters (1964)

I'd never seen or heard of this film growing up.  My pal Jim had mentioned it when we started trading VHS tapes back in the late 80s.  As a side not, I'm really quite glad that those days are gone (not meeting good friends to trade with, but hauling about heavy tapes in boxes and the cost of shipping them all over the country).  He'd mentioned it had a monster in it, but back then, you couldn't just look up movies easily.  A lot of information in books was wrong about many points if they were even mentioned at all.  Hard to trust them back then- for instance, the flying monster Gyaos was called a flying fox, and Varan was described as a flying squirrel.

So go figure I'd never heard about this movie until I got a copy complete with the cool ending scene restored.  Heck, I didn't even know that Arnold Drake was involved til years later.

I really liked the movie.  It's only got four main players and minimal sets, and yet it's really well done.  The black and white photography really helps, and even though I'm no gorehound the rather abundant amount of blood isn't bad at all.  It's not gratuitous, just the right amount at the right time.

There was a decent DVD out several years ago, but this one was the pure b/w version with some different scenes.  Another version was pulled for some rights reasons.  I have both and it's cool to see each one.  I recommend the movie in either version.

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