Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tin Tin and the Mystery of the Golden Fleece (1961)

Here's a charming movie based on the long running comic "Tin Tin" which I'll admit I've never read.  I also didn't see the more recent adaption of the character either, mostly due to my complete infamiliarity of the character.  I'm about a third of the way through this movie, which is in French but subbed in English.  I wonder why it never got a release over here, since it seems a fine adventure movie for kids.   I mean, if Pippi Longstocking can get several movies released over here, why not Tin Tin?

Anyway, the movie is about Tin Tin's friend inheriting a ship called the Golden Fleece.  They travel to Istanbul (which used to be Constantinople) to retrieve it, but some unknown parties want to buy it.  The movie then hinge on the Haddock's temper and not wanting to sell for a ridiculous amount of money,

It's a gorgeous movie and well acted.  There are genuinely funny moments and some great action scenes as well.  I'm looking forward to finding out what the exact mystery is!

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