Saturday, September 19, 2015

Zero Monsters and Gargantuas

This awesome double feature is happening today, about an hour south of where I live.  It's two great movies, neither of which I have seen on the big screen before.  I'm assuming it will be the dubbed version, causing some consternation to the "sub-elitist" crowd, but then, two of the actors didn't speak Japanese, so I guess it's OK for them to be dubbed, right?  I'll give that a moment to sink in, just cause I'm feeling like a jerk at the moment.

Why's that?  Well, I am not going to be there.  Did I mention good pal August Ragone is going to be there to introduce them?  I made a prior commitment before I knew this was happening, and one does have to be a man of one's word.  It is for roller derby, so I do know I'll be having fun as well.

Still, it kind of rots that two things I love dearly are happening on the same day.  I hope the showing is a huge success and that August can come out again for another one in the near future, one that doesn't collide with my other love.

And here I thought the words might get stuck in my throat.

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