Saturday, October 10, 2015

Seven Grandmasters (1978)

I thought I had reviewed this great martial arts epic (so great it "borrowed" music from Roots).  It's mostly one kung fu battle after another, with a slight retirement angle along with the young man wants to find his father's killer story line.  Maybe slightly complicated, but I've seen worse plotlines that don't make sense upon first viewing (I'm looking at you, TEN TIGERS OF KWANGTUNG).  All of the actors here are really good martial artists- great form and everything well executed.

There is also the obligatory bullying of the young man who wants to the student of the main teacher.  This hazing seems really awful and over done.  It's pretty typical of "outsider slowly worms his way into the group" plots as well, but why would they be so mean to someone they barely know?

Nice that this movie is available on a DVD with both English and Chinese language tracks along with English subs.  It's also on youtube as well.

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