Sunday, November 15, 2015

RIP Nick Bockwinkel

Nick passed away earlier today.  As I was in the AWA territory until it passed away, I saw a lot of Nick on TV, though I only ever saw him wrestle once or twice, and that was after his face turn against Larry Zbyszco, which led to one of the most memorable little old lady quotes I've ever heard "I hope that Zbyszco gets the shit stomped out of him!".  I never realized how great Nick was back then, which makes me sad, as I would have gone to loads more matches back then.

Everyone that talks about him mentions what a class act he was, and even as a heel he never acted like a maniac.  He was never as cocky and noisy as Flair, but he might have actually been a better wrestler (which in the terms of workers like him and Flair is measured ever so slightly).

It's been a rough couple of months for wrestling fans.  RIP Nick, thank you for the memories.

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