Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Ultra Seven vs a Face Hugger

 Tell me that alien doesn't look like one of the "facehuggers" from the Alien franchise of movies.  This is from the fifth episode of Ultra Seven called "The Lost Hours" (or "The Stolen Hours") and it was the first episode of this excellent show I ever saw.  I got it on a VHS tape that had a variety of several other Ultra shows on it.  It wasn't subbed and it's not one of the more exciting episodes that way, but seeing it with subs is pretty cool.  I thought even in 1989 that the Villa aliens looked like the early stage Alien creatures, but trying to get the tape cued up to the right spot could be a pain back then.

Can't say I miss VHS much, but there certainly was an excitement of seeing a show or movie back then that you'd only ever heard about before.
There is a nifty fight at the end of the episode with a giant Villan squaring off against our hero, but it never seemed like Seven was in any real danger.  The dang thing didn't even try to grab his face!
In having the episodes subbed, we find out that the Villa aliens have put one of their race inside the body of Earth's smartest man and plan to use him to bring down Earth's defenses.  Dan figures out the scheme, but foolishly plays into their hands and gets arrested.
Fortunately, the aliens didn't count on Ultra Seven and between our hero and the Ultra Garrison they stop the aliens evil plans.

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