Monday, November 23, 2015

what's this?

Whilst perusing a certain DVD for a rewrite for the next issue of Xenorama I saw this page from the book used in Equinox.  It's the page that tells our heroes how to protect themselves from the demons that can be conjured up from the book.  I remembered it even from the first time I saw the movie and thought it looked really cool with all various symbols (my love of the ankh started with Doctor Fate, and he could have easily handled this book and the demons had he been around) but I never really noticed the characters.

They look like they are based on Celtic runes, and they really look like the runes that Tolkien used in his various Middle Earth sagas.  It would be no surprise since Tolkien based his on the same Celtic runes.  Just one more way everything ties in together in some form or another.  I wonder who did this page drawing.

This book is pretty well traveled since it's got signs from all over the world in it.  Sure must be a lot of demons out there.  I hope Mike Ross is paying attention!

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