Thursday, December 31, 2015

Force Five (1981)

Anyone else remember this US made martial arts flick?  It's been ages since I have seen it on a videotape rental,and I'm only about ten minutes into it, but it seems like it will be as fun as I remember it to be.  It was on whatever Siskel and Ebert's show was back then, and I think they both enjoyed it for what it was.  At least Roger did, as I remember him talking about the traditional sounds the kicks and punches made in the movie.

I didn't remember Carl, the white version of Yang Sze, but it sure is a remarkable simulation.  I do remember Bong Soo Han as Rev. Rhee, being the villain, and he's quite good.  The rest of the cast is decent, though I don't know many of the stars, but Joe Lewis as Jim Martin is good as the lead, and it's fun to see Benny Urquidez as Billy Ortega, as a good guy for a change.  He's doing his best Bruce Lee here, at least in the beginning.  Heck, Richard Norton even  is a good guy in this one!

The plot is pretty basic- religious leader on an island and he may or may not be dangerous.  It's serviceable, and the cast never treats the movie like a parody, but they do have fun with it.  There's a slight promise of a strange beast in the movie, one that the right Rev Rhee uses to kill his enemies.  The revelation of said "monster" was kind of a disappointment.

Looking forward to the rest of the movie!

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