Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Heat Miser & Snow Miser

Since this snow is piling up outside I figured this was an appropriate song for the day. So many of those Rankin-Bass shows had incredibly catchy songs that stick with you long after the show is over. This is just one example. And it's no secret which Miser would be my friend.

I've still never seen the live action version, but I do like the song the brothers do in it, since it alternates back and forth between them. It's a neat way to have the same song presented differently. And Cherry Poppin' Daddies do a pretty swinging version, though I'd have sped it up a bit.

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joecab said...

There was also a sto-motion sequel (not Rankin-Bass), A Miser Brothers' Christmas, made in 2008 with the Santa and Heat Miser voices returning, and a different style to the characters.

Not recommended.