Wednesday, December 2, 2015

JLA: Crisis On Two Earths

I recently re-watched this movie (this time on blu-ray) and I liked it a lot more this time than I did before, five years ago.  It helps knowing it was supposed to be a bridge between the JLA/JLU series.  I still wish that they had been able to use the voices and character designs from that most excellent series, but this is not bad at all.  The story flows well and the acting is good.  It is nice to see Hal there, with the League, so I definitely approve of that.

The blu-ray disc has a ton of extras on it.  Normally I don't care much about these things, but this time there's some great stuff here.  Several small docs and then four episodes of the JLA series, though nothing that really is connected here directly.

My dream adaption of a JLA story would be doing the original Crisis story, done in the style of Mike Sekowsky's wonderful artwork.  Just present it like that.  It would be so much fun to see heroes that were happy and liked each other.  Sure, they could add some cool little touches to make it a little more "real" but dang I'd like to see this movie.  If I ever meet Bruce Timm I'll tell him this, though I'm sure he has had the same thought himself.

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