Friday, December 18, 2015

Marine Boy in three DVD sets

I finally got Marine Boy "season" 2 yesterday, which means I now have all 78 episodes in three DVD sets and all in amazing quality.  I'm amazed (and happy) that these three sets take up less room than two standard VHS tapes, since I hauled around about 16 of those tapes (in cases) for years and I can carry these three sets in one hand.  Even when I had the DVDrs of the show it was 16 of them and they still took up a lot more room than these do.  I am really pleased that Warner Home Video decided to release all three "seasons".

As I have said in the past I am really grateful for all the versions of this show I have ever had in my collection.  When I started the first volume of my book (yes, the revision with corrections, typos fixed and the final episode added is being worked on!) all I had were those tapes, of wildly varying quality at times.  I would never have been able to finish the book without them, even if I didn't know I was starting a book back then when I was writing out various plots of episodes.

It's hard to believe it's been 15 years.  Yes, one of my goals next year is getting the second version of the book out.  It will have bonus material in it that will make it different enough to buy it again!

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