Saturday, December 26, 2015

Star Trek "Balance of Terror"

I really hate original versions of movies being fiddled about with with CG these days.  I mean, as long as the originals are around to watch I really don't care about "special editions" whether they are colorized or have extra scenes or "improved" effects.  But since these new versions of Star Trek are the only episodes shown now I haven't watched them in a long time.  I just cant support these alterations.  I have really missed this show, though.

So METV is airing these unimproved episodes, and I've watched a few.  They have all been season one episodes, which are some of the top of the line episodes.  The stories are really great, such as this one, the fourteenth episode aired on December 15th, 1966.  The effects have never been the center of the show, which helps.

I'd really just as soon they had left them alone, since the combination of new CG effects and old practical foal rocks and velour can be somewhat jarring. 

Damn, Mark Lenard is really awesome. I'm glad he got to play all three major alien races in the show.  Excellent episode, even with these effects.  This also has great acting by Shatner, especially in the final scene.

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