Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The new Godzilla

So this poster is out, along with a thirty second teaser trailer. I'm not impressed.  While it looks way better than either US version, it's not that much compared to the original Japanese ones.  Still, it's just a head shot so the rest of the suit could help improve my thoughts of it.  I don't care much for the tiny eyes at all, nor the crocodile mouth, but again, it's a vast improvement over GINO or Bearzilla.  I'm still hoping it's going to be a suit augmented by some slight CGI, it seems to be the case (as has been reported elsewhere (thanks August!).  As far as "greatest, worst nightmare", well mine is another boring movie like the last two, which is something the world never needs from Godzilla movies.

I've known for a while there would be a new Japanese Godzilla movie, since the US one was again underwhelming, but if it's going to be another solo outing I'm not going to be very interested in seeing it right away.  The original Godzilla is the only movie that ever needs just one Godzilla in it.

As far as the trailer looks, ugh, more shakey cam footage which we really don't need.  One can only hope that's a news camera shot and the rest of the movie will not make us suffer from motion sickness.

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