Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Three Fantastic Supermen (1967)

I am thankful the days of murky nth generation VHS tapes are gone, and you can find fan dubs (and subs) of wonderful movies that were enjoyable yet barely watchable due to the quality of said tapes.  This happens to be one of them, the first in a series of several movies starring the same costumes if not all the same actors.   I'd never even heard of it until the mid-90s and then got to see this plus several of the sequels, most of which I don't remember much at all.

Anyway, our heroes aren't really heroes, more like thieves with honor who don't like to kill and are adored by the lower class.  Think Robin Hood, men in masks.
Tony Kendal, former peplum mainstay Brad Harris and acrobatic Nick Jordan are the Three Fantastic Supermen of the title and they have a great chemistry with each other.  In case you are wondering they even have a reason for wearing the costumes, which are bullet proof among many other things.
I've only started watching the show but in ten minutes there's been more action, fun and comedy than in an hour of most current superhero fare.  Plus look at the vivid colors!  I sure miss that from superheroes these days, everything is dark and dingy looking. More on this movie in a bit.

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