Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Young Justice: Invasion

This is the second season of this fun series. It takes place five years after the first season, which is an interesting idea in theory, but I know I would rather have seen the characters grow and find out just why things happened, though by episode 5 they have explained how some things happened and why.  It does work, but I would rather have had five more seasons of the show to watch rather than this sort of thing.  

What strikes me so far is how it's become a family show.  There's the Bat-Family, with four of them, the Aqua-Family, with at least four or five there, two Wonders, the Arrow-Family (counting Black Canary, of course), two Martians and two Supers (where is Kara, anyway?).  I know it's a different universe, but that's a lot of intermingling.

They do remove 6 of the seven JLA-ers, plus two more Green Lanterns and Hawkman so that will make some of that family stuff lesson, but not much.  They have to go to some trial to clear their names after Vandal Savage took over their brains in the previous season.  It's taken them five years to find out what happened in those lost 16 hours.

This season only runs 20 episodes.and it has hooked me enough to want to see how it plays out.

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