Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hogan's Heroes

I've been watching this show a lot recently. I liked it as a kid, but didn't know the history of, well, anything.  It was funny, Hogan was cool and it was an acceptable sit-com to watch before or after the cartoons that were on.  I never gave a thought to why the premise might be objectionable to some people; after all, Hogan made the Nazis look like chumps in every episode.  It all worked from a kid's perspective.

It kind of disappeared from the airwaves after the mid 80s, but thanks to MeTV and other such free stations older shows are making a comeback and this is one of them.  MeTV airs two episodes a night and I still really enjoy the show.  The cast and writing are what makes it work, not the silly premise.  Comedy in a POW camp...

I'd love to have heard the pitch for this show, though.  In this first season there are a few good stories that also have to do with family loyalty, and several barbs that take sharp aim at the fascist rule of the Nazis.  I was pleasantly surprised at that edge.  It will be interesting to see how that aspect holds up.

The cast is very good, and it's pretty diverse for a 60s show.  It's got me enjoying the show quite a bit.

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