Sunday, January 24, 2016

Johnny Sokko on DVD

After the years and years of nth gen dubs on VHS tapes and then better looking DVDs made from marrying the English tracks to the Japanese laserdisc copies, we have the real deal- Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot are available on legit DVD.  So of course I'm a bit late to the party with this release (what else is new) but I finally got it.  While I suppose it's not quite the definitive version (no next episode bumpers and Japanese language version) it's exactly as any fan will remember it- action packed, full of monsters and gun battles.  What more could anyone want in a kid's show?

In fact, this is one violent show.  Both the Unicorn Agents, the good guys, and the Gargoyle Gang, the bad guys, drop like flies in every episode.  Half the time it's the teenage Johnny Sokko mowing the baddies down as well.  At least it's never gory, so there's that, though most of the monsters and miscreants die pretty horribly, though I am sure they deserved it.

The episodes look great and are complete.  It's so nice to see such vibrant colors on a TV screen now.  Everything these days is all dark and murky,  As I have noted elsewhere, I only ever saw one episode of this show, and that was on accident as we were expecting Ultraman.

The set also comes with a small booklet, written by August Ragone, and it's pretty much the most ever written in English about this show.  It's full of information about both Japanese and English adaptions, which is quite cool.  The set is almost worth getting for the booklet alone. 

Now let's get Spectreman and Space Giants out on DVD!

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