Thursday, January 21, 2016

Jurassic World

I liked it, overall. Good, likable cast, not to many subplots, and good use of the dinosaurs.  I mean, as I said in the last post, you go to any movie with the word "Jurassic" in it and you pretty much know the gist of the plot.  People will enjoy themselves until the dinosaurs run amok.  Sure, in this case it was only one dinosaur that runs amok (and not really a dinosaur, but we'll get into that in a bit) but that's the general gist of things.  As I am a dinosaur movie fan in general (it takes a lot for me to dislike one) my main concern is how entertaining is the story and are the characters likable.

This movie did a good job in most areas.  Should I say there are spoilers coming?  Most everyone has seen this already, so now you are warned.  I liked all the nods to at least the first movie, though it would have been nice to see a few of the other main characters in here.  The main cast was good, even if the movie was slightly predictable.  I liked the way they used the dinosaurs, it wasn't overwhelming- not every shot had to have 42 different species in it.  A little restraint can go a long way.

My main issue was with the reptilian villain, the I Rex.  She had way too many powers and was way too smart.  She was truly a terrible lizard though.  But why would she kill for sport?  That part didn't make sense.  Still, for the most part she was a good choice as villain, nothing sympathetic about her.

It was nice that the raptors were mostly good guys, and I loved the ending, even if that poor T Rex looked rather emaciated.  Wish they had chosen to film the final fight in daylight, but we did get a lot of nice shots in full light, another wise choice, no rain or dust or dark obscuring our dinosaurs.

I liked the mosasaurus making a long delayed appearance, I think the last one I ever saw was in Journey to the Center of Time.  

All in all, a good movie, I'd rank it after the first one.

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