Saturday, January 16, 2016

King Kong Escapes from Svengoolie

As mentioned yesterday, Svengoolie aired King Kong Escapes tonight.  I started the show a little late, what with getting food and work and all.  I arrived just as Gorosaurus showed up, so I missed the intoduction, which was OK.  Never having seen many horror hosts, I usually find their antics tiresome.  Since I know the movie so well I wondered how well Sven would do with his usual spot on trivia about the movies he airs.

I was pleasantly surprised that he got almost everything right.  The cartoon origins, all the actors and even the director.  Granted, it's a lot easier to find out this info these days so we should expect more from our hosts than back in the day when everyone thought all giant monster movies were made by one studio in Japan.

He actually had some funny bits as well, the "Evil Doctor Who?" was quite funny.  He did get one trivia bit wrong, that being when Toho made their first Kong movie.  He said this was it, quite forgetting King Kong vs Godzilla some five years before.  Kind of interesting, since that's still the most popular Godzilla movie of all time.  But one wrong item isn't so bad, all things considered.

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