Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Outer Limits

The Twilight Zone was never syndicated in my area until the early 80s, so while I do really enjoy it, it's not the show I love.  This is the show I grew up on, since KWGN Channel 2 would air an episode every Friday night on Sci Fi Flicks before the monster/sci-fi/fantasy movie they would then show.  It was a smart move since OL was almost always scarier than the movie.  It made Beulah seem terrifying, since it already had you prepared to be scared.  It really did work.  Not to mention the calm control voice actually seemed like it took over your television set.  The opening is very iconic that way.

Most of the episodes I saw seemed to come from the more monster heavy second season, so I do like those a lot.  The second season is considered by many to be not as good as the first, with more reliance on the "bears" as they were called.  As a monster loving kid, that's exactly what I wanted to see, the story wasn't so important to me.  Now I can appreciate both, amazing what a little maturity will do for a person.

I'm glad to have the DVD sets, though I really wish they weren't on dual layers, I hate those flipper discs.

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