Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Xenorama #19 cover

The talented and ever amazing Dan Ross has just sent me this incredible cover for the next issue of Xenorama!  I love it, it's got just about everything that's going to be in the issue, but there's some cool stuff that isn't mentioned on the cover.  In fact, I've gotten two new articles that are causing me to change some of the issue around (I'm thinking Equinox may get moved to the next issue now).  I mean, look! ROCK SNAKES!

It's going to be a fun issue and it will be available in both full color and black and white.  It just dawns on me I don't think I've worked Godzilla into the issue just yet, but I bet I can figure out some way to do it, so have no fear on that part.  I promised readers Godzilla would be represented in every issue since day one and that's one promise that's been easy and wonderful to keep. 

Doesn't always mean he'll be featured, but he'll be there.  Stay tuned for more announcements!

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