Saturday, February 27, 2016

Disco Star Wars

I was listening to my iPod while answering email at work (it's allowed) and the Meco Star Wars theme came on- you know, the disco version.  It reminded me I still haven't seen the new movie, though I've pretty much pieced together everything that happens by now.  I don't worry about spoilers much since I'll forget them by the time I ever see the movie, if I actually do.  I know most of these characters actually appear in the movie, but I really dislike JJ Abram's directing style.

Yeah, I said if.  I just have no desire to see it at all, even if it's as good as some have claimed.  It would be hard to be worse than the last four movies, that's for sure.  I mean, I feel like I should, but then the last time I spent money on a Star Wars movie was the ill-advised "special edition" of Star Wars that was released in what, 98?  That's enough money.

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