Friday, February 5, 2016

It's All About the Style

I have had the electronic version of this book for a few years, but since I'm old fashioned I actually like to have a hard copy to read.  So I finally ordered it and am really enjoying (again).  I think I could really just copy and paste the most excellent foreward, since it tells you all about the book.  That guy that wrote it did a good job, almost as great as the book itself!  This book is quite an accomplishment and belongs in every martial arts movie fans library.  He's watched movies I couldn't get through, just to make sure they could be in here.

Blake Matthews has done something I've never seen before, showcasing the various real martial arts styles as seen in the movies. Granted, every movie does make the martial arts a little more flashy than they would be in real life, but for the most part these are the movies that actually portray the styles as you would study them in a school.

And he's got more than kung fu- there's karate, muay thai, you name it.  But wait, there's more!  After you get done with the styles section, there's second section about weapons! I'm telling you, this book really is great and worth the cost from Amazon.  Sure, Blake is a frequent writer for Xenorama, but I wouldn't recommend this book unless it was truly worthy of such glowing praise, and it is.  Go buy it now!

And for a weapon that doesn't exist, the flying guillotine is pretty well represented.  That makes me happy.

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