Wednesday, February 24, 2016

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Well, thanks Amazon, for thinking I'd be interested in my own book, which I already have a few copies of.  Of course, if anyone does want to order this version before it goes OOP, I'd suggest clicking right here!  The new version is going to have more information, more pages and more pictures than before, plus a new forward that it never had!  It will be well worth a new investment, I must say.  I should thank Amazon for reminding me of this and letting me be able to plug it again.

I didn't even know there were two positive reviews for the book.  That's kind of nice to see.  Sure I'd like a few more, but I'm willing to bet that there will be more when the second edition comes out.  I'm really looking forward to an actual complete edition.

Which reminds me to mention Marine Boy's cameo in the iWatch commercial.  I think it was that.  Really should have paid more attention to what was being sold, but it was so much fun to see Marine Boy, along with Johnny Sokko and the others that I completely forgot to remember what they sold.

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