Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Boy Who Cried Werewolf (1973)

I missed the beginning, but I'm impressed with the makeup, anyway. 

 I'd often seen pictures of Kerwin Matthews as the werewolf, but the movie never aired in my area (we did get the Werewolf of Woodstock though).  I always have loved the werewolf/wolfman the most out of all the classic monsters, so I always did want to see it.  As I got older though it kind of fell off my radar and I never really made it any kind of priority to find and watch it.  I thought I'd wait til it aired again,  Which it never really did. for a long time, though I do believe there was a DVD of it put out at some point.  I don't know why, but there were other things I would have rather watched.  I am pretty sure I would have liked it as a kid though.

Since Svengoolie aired it tonight there was a perfect time to finally see it.  I liked what I saw, thought it was well directed and the acting was fine.  Sven seemed to think the acting was bad throughout but I thought it was serviceable.  I mean, it's a werewolf movie.  The makeup was very good, I liked how the werewolf had a snout. It's a more unique than the traditional wolfman.  I didn't see who did the make up though.

I wouldn't call it a great werewolf movie, but it was enjoyable.  I missed any of the background stuff Sven usually does, the fun movie trivia.  I thought this might have been an inspiration for Marvel's fun Werewolf by Night series, but it predates this movie by almost a year.

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