Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Avengers #59 & #60

"The Name is... Yellowjacket!"

"... Till Death Do Us Part!" 

These issues were ones I read long after I'd met Henry Pym as Yellowjacket, so the origin was fun, if a little oddly set up.  I never understood why the Avengers wouldn't arrest someone who claimed to have killed one of their members.  "No corpus delecti" as Hawkeye put it, though it sure seems to me an admission of guilt was there.  And then they didn't have faith that Janet knew what she was doing either.  Add to that all the superheroes didn't stick around to help find Princess Python (I know, it would have made the final battle over in 2 seconds, but still...)

As mentioned back in the last issue, Hank has some issues.  He never liked being a superhero much in later issues of the Avengers, and his constant search for an identity would lead him down roads no one really liked.  It did let a lot of other people use his various serums so Marvel could keep the trademark on all his names.  Good thing, since Ant-man was such a hit.

And really, they Circus of Crime wanted Thor to be there as well?  

It also seems like Janet married Hank under actions that would make it not legal, even if she "looked it up" but it does make for a good line.  It is easy to add logic to these stories some 40 years later, so I do hope that Hank and Jan lived happily ever after.  That's why I'll reading these Avengers about issue #200.

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