Monday, March 21, 2016

Avengers #61

I never got to read this book as a kid, though I had read Dr. Strange's transformation into a superhero in one of the tabloid reprints Marvel was doing at the time.  I like the look, still, but prefer the classic look.  Had they thought about it they could have used this as a "battle mode" look for Stephen and not had so much negative reaction to it.  Ah, the joys of hindsight.  This is the second part of a story that started in Doctor Strange Tales #178 which the Sons of Satannish had brought Ymir and Surter back to Earth to destroy it.  Or something.  I would have thought that Strange's first thought was to warn Thor, or even Odin.  Thor apparently was fighting the Silver Surfer somewhere else and thus occupied, but you'd think Odin might have sensed mortal enemies 'pon Midgard.

It's a pretty action packed episode, with some pathos as Strange operates on the Black Knight, the first time he's done so since 'that night".  Good thing it worked as Dane was up and about immediately to help out with the battle.  I do believe Ymir and Surter have shown up a time or two here and there since this battle, but thankfully they haven't been overused.

We get a little more information about the Vision in this story, he's solar powered.  Often times he has a heat ray that he uses from either the solar gem or his eyes, it's usually whatever the artist decides is more dramatic.  I don't know how long Strange kept this costume, but it's a since we won't see a full face mask in the new movie, though it does look pretty good.

Next up: we visit Wakanda again!

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